Tuesday, March 15, 2011

half way.

He told them to go and make disciples. He told them that they will cast out demons, raise the dead to life and lay hands on the sick and they will be healed. He said to love no matter the cost - especially your enemies. Because how easy is it to love those that love us back? That's easy.

The hard part is watching the train wreck and knowing that you're called to get up and act.

It's not enough to just sit on our couches and watch the Today Show with our warm cup of joe and do nothing with all that we know.

I'm not saying that being a Believer means that you have to work to earn salvation. But I am saying that being a Believer means that doing nothing must mean something. I like it to being given a beautiful inheritance from your parents, their love all your life, gifts and presents, support when you're struggling, hugs when you need them and then never calling them. Never visiting with them. Never helping them walk through their own struggles. Just taking. Taking. Taking.

That's not natural.

So why do we do that with our Savior?

I stared at the tv and watched the devastation in Japan and wondered: what are Believers doing? Are we standing in judgment of a government, theirs or ours? Are we angry because people haven't come to our "rescue" before? Are we sad for the land that was destroyed? Or do we look at the pictures and hear the cries and feel the Holy Spirit grieving as we grieve with the broken?

Where are you Church? Come ON! Body of Christ, let's move.

It's not enough to say that we are Christians. Followers of Christ, of The Way, Believers of the Most High - there is no denomination in walking with the One who breathed you into life. So why do we stay separated? Where is our worship?

I'm not saying that flying straight to Japan is the answer. But for some of us, maybe it is. But I am saying that there is as much devastation right here.

I live on the coast. A tsunami would destroy my home in a matter of minutes. Easy. And then what?

Why aren't we talking to people - asking them about their god?

The world wants peace. It wants rest. It wants hope. It wants to look at destruction and tragedy and know that devastation doesn't define us.

Jesus does. He is the author and lover. He is the Prince of Peace.

Oh Church - pray. Reach people - love them - disciple them. Leverage yourself, your gifts, your time. Retirement, when you graduate college, after the kids are older, when things are more settled... isn't when you should start serving the Lord. Serve Him now. It is a joy to serve Him.